Automatic Doors

Automatic Doors

Sliding, swinging, and revolving doors are used to optimise pedestrian entrances, providing improvements in accessibility, safety, and reduced energy consumption in any building. Automatic doors can welcome visitors, guide traffic, and preserve indoor air conditioning.

Automatic sliding doors

Sliding doors offer single or double openings across a variety of styles and configurations. Reliable and easy to use, they are suitable for all entrances, from simple opening and closing to complete hermetic sealing.

Automatic Swing Doors

Swing doors have the advantage of requiring minimal space while maximising the opening width. Automating swing doors is a relatively simple but very durable way to improve the performance, accessibility, and capacity of an entry or exit point.

Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are the ideal solution when climate control is the main concern. They are now available in a variety of glazing styles, with aluminium framed profiles of varying weights. Two-, three- and four-wing models offer an exceptional level of flexibility to the designers and guide pedestrian traffic seamlessly while ensuring maximum safety and convenience with minimal effort on the part of the user.



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