Regular repair, service, and maintenance of your intercom system will ensure that it works perfectly at all times, guaranteeing the highest level of security for your premises, staff and equipment.

Do I need an Intercom?

When it comes to building security, intercoms are essential if you want to talk to your visitors before giving them access.

Many of the busiest entry points, such as exterior doors and gates, can benefit from the use of intercoms. In addition, intercoms can work with your video entry system, allowing you to see the visitor you are talking to.

It is now easier than ever to take advantage of an intercom system that integrates with a range of other systems.

It is essential to ensure the functionality of your access control system through maintenance and check-ups. Not only do we provide maintenance, but we can also install, upgrade and repair home intercoms, telephone intercoms, and other common problems.

To ensure your security system is working effectively, we can perform home intercom maintenance at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With regular visits recommended by a qualified electrical engineer, you will avoid frequent repairs to your intercom system in London.

Whether you need intercom buzzer repair, flat intercom repair or an expert and fast intercom repair service in London and surrounding areas, our dedicated professionals are here for you.

Need an Expert Video Intercom Repair in London?

With the installation of video intercoms, you can not only see who is visiting your home, but also bring your security system to the next level.

To suit your needs, we can attach video cameras to various entry points, whether they be doors or gates. Installing a video intercom system will not only allow you to see who is visiting your home or office, but also to control who can enter.

Our expertise and experience qualify us to be your video entry system installer. A team of engineers ensures that you will use the right products and makes suggestions according to your needs.

Video intercom systems can consist of fixed cameras or DDA-compliant cameras. When installing a video intercom system, we will ensure that it is also accessible to the elderly or disabled.

As a team of video intercom installers, we will help you decide on the right products to protect your home or office from intruders.

We are nothing like your typical London intercom repair company – we focus on providing top-quality work at affordable prices and a service you will truly appreciate.

The benefits of our Intercom System Maintenance Services are as follows:

The benefits of our intercom system maintenance services are as follows:

  • The complete peace of mind that comes with a fully functional intercom system.
  • Rapid response from one of our highly trained engineers.
  • Reliable and cost-effective maintenance of your intercom equipment
  • Extend the lifespan of your equipment through regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • 24/7 telephone support for advice and assistance.


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