Regular repair, service, and maintenance of yourmonitoring system will ensure that it works perfectly at all times, guaranteeing the highest level of security for your premises, staff and equipment.

Monitoring explained

A monitored home alarm system is linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The alarm panel notifies the ARC if the alarm is triggered. The ARC then informs the key-holders of the property or the police, depending on the settings and other factors. An annual fee is billed for alarm monitoring, which is usually paid directly to the alarm company.

Residential Security Alarms with Police Response must fulfil certain standards, including the installation of a British and European standard graded alarm system and an annual maintenance contract with an approved alarm company.

What is a key holder?

With key-holder Response, when your alarm is activated, the ARC calls you and your designated friends and family – the key holders – so you can respond early.

Critical information is forwarded from your home security system to the Alarm Monitoring Centre, such as account credentials (to access your address and contact details) and the specific sensors that have been triggered.

For instance, if a smoke detector goes off, the alarm monitoring service will contact the fire brigade, while the signal from a medical alert pendant will be forwarded to the ambulance or paramedic services.

Unmonitored “local” alarms have important advantages. If you are at home, the sound of the alarm will let you know that there is a problem and allow you to take the necessary action. The siren may even scare off some less determined intruders, but many of them will simply ignore it and disarm your control panel when they can. Many emergencies are too dangerous for you to handle alone, especially if you are disabled or incapacitated. In most cases, you will want the police, fire brigade, or medical professionals to get to the scene as quickly as possible.

24-hour alarm monitoring is a key feature offered by FSS Smart Control. For more specific information on alarm monitoring details and services, we recommend that you call us on  +44738 883 5501.

FSS Smart Control Monitoring and Maintenance

Once your security system is up and running, it is always ready to go. Our monitoring and maintenance packages are designed to provide support in all areas. With cutting-edge Maintenance Services, System Audits and Warranties, we deliver the perfect solution to your security needs.

FSS Smart Control will carry out maintenance visits as it deems necessary and during these visits will inspect, test and adjust the system as required, as well as providing 24-hour support.




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