Intruder Alarm

Intruder Alarms

Specialised in the security of buildings, homes and business premises, our company offers a wide range of alarm systems and other devices, in addition, our after-sales service is also composed of specialists who are on call 24-hours a day for maintenance and support.

An Intruder Alarm Tailored To Your Needs

As the site of the installation is a decisive element in the choice of the system, we analyse with you the configuration of your building and your premises. This study also includes the analysis of your needs and your budget. Our company offers competitive prices and a detailed estimate for the installation of your alarm.

To maximize protection, we can couple your alarm with a remote surveillance system with cameras. All of this is, of course, connected to a professional control centre in compliance with the law. Our work includes planning, installation, and after-sales maintenance service.

Intruder Detection And Other Solutions

Specialised in security, our company offers a wide range of products for the installation of your detection and alarm systems. Protection against intrusion, vandalism, or fire is an integral part of our business. From wireless or wired alarms to automated surveillance detectors, we have a wide range of solutions. You can therefore count on our company for the installation of an alarm system as well as for its maintenance.

To get a quote simply give us a call onĀ 07388835501.



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    We take a comprehensive approach to fire safety covering all aspects from the installation of fire alarms and extinguishers to fire risk assessments and emergency lighting. We service all fire safety equipment, fire panels & alarm systems.

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