Home Networking Installation with state-of-the-art Network Cabling, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7, and Ethernet Cabling for domestic users or private businesses. Our Firm offers a wide range of services, From a single point installation of CAT6 Ethernet Network Cable for a PC, Smart TV, Sky Q or consoles such as PS4 and XBOX or services to multiple CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a Ethernet or RJ45 sockets in a household or small business creating a super fast and secure Local Network Area known as LAN.

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We specialise in installing Home Networks and use our experience in connecting multiple computers or devices to your local Network via Network Switches, Ethernet Cabling, Data Patch Panels, and Point-to-Point. Our work also includes termination of all CAT5e, CAT6 cables, Sockets, Outlets, Patch Panels, Switches. New network installations and upgrades to existing networks, Patch Panels, and Data Cabinet installations. We provide reliable Network and Data Cable installations for domestic households, garden sheds, outhouses, and private businesses.

With the advent of High-Speed Fibre optic Broadband and Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTP) now in our residential homes and private businesses, you are expected to share your Quick Access with other networked computers or devices. We supply and install CAT6 or CAT6a Ethernet Network Systems, large or small, guaranteed to connect your Computers, Media Devices, Smart TVs, Sky Q, Gaming Consoles, or any device that requires an Ethernet connection to your network, which allows simultaneous use of your Fibre Optics connection in your Home, Garden, Office or Outbuilding.

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What is Fibre Optics?

Fibre optics is a technology that allows access to the Internet at very high speeds. The quality of transmission and reception is unprecedented, and the sending of even large amounts of data is possible.

Fibre optics also allows all users to enjoy a high degree of stability during their internet sessions, regardless of the number of people connected in the household at the same time. A speed of up to 100 times that of ADSL can be achieved.

This technology is made possible by a hollow glass or plastic cable with a tube thinner than a hair. The data is then transmitted at the speed of light.

But this technology requires the installation of a new physical network. Until now, the Internet has been accessible via the copper network of telephone lines. For very high speed, the use of these copper cables is impossible. It is therefore essential to install a complete new network, from the access provider to the home, the FTTH network (Fibre-To-The-Home).



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