Portable fire extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers must be part of every business’s fire suppression plan. Like all fire safety devices, fire extinguishers must be fit for purpose, i.e. of a type appropriate to the known fire risk(s), regularly inspected and replaced if necessary.

All portable fire extinguisher technicians must have completed a certified training and examination (e.g. FIA , IFEDA or British Fire Consortium). 

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 mandates that the servicing of fire extinguishers be carried out in accordance with the relevant British Standards..

Fire extinguishers should be serviced annually by a competent fire extinguisher technician, Which is why, if you need fire extinguishers, don’t hesitate to contact us! Call 0738 883 5501 to get your quote today!


Fire Classifications

Fires involving organic solids such as paper and wood

Fires involving flammable or combustible liquids, including petrol, grease and oil

Fires involving flammable gases

Fires involving combustible metals

Fires involving cooking fat and oil

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